Indian Tourism Minister: For safe female visitors should not wear short skirts

India has had a series of sexual harassment incidents against foreign female tourists
Dress up Indian women. Source: Vision China Recently, Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Tourism and Culture of India, made a blame for foreign women who had a seemingly "goodwill" suggestion. According to the Hindustan Times (Hindustan Times) reported on August 29, last Sunday, Sharma in the famous attractions of the Taj Mahal City, told reporters that the question, reminded "foreign women to travel in India for security reasons do not Wear short skirts ". At the same time, he said that this is also to comply with the Indian cultural norms of performance. In addition, he also introduced a series of measures taken by the government to ensure the safety of tourists, including the issuance of guidance manuals to tourists at the airport, which lists what should and should not be done in India, such as female tourists at night Go out alone. Critics say Sharma's remarks shirk the responsibility of Indian security issues to women, not the government. This is not the first time that Sharma has published controversial remarks about women's safety. Last year, Sharma warned Indian women not to go out at night, saying it was not part of Indian culture. India's news site Firstpost commented that Sharma's latest remarks for female visitors are full of disgust for women and a distorted understanding of Indian culture, apparently confirming that India can not guarantee the safety of women. On Monday, Sharma specifically explained that he just said that in religious places do not wear short skirts. "I am the father of two daughters, I will not guide others should wear what clothes. Different countries will have different suggestions for visitors, I never want to change the way anyone dress." However, Sharma The controversy over the social network did not stop. An Indian government critic Arvind Kejriwal wrote on Twitter that Indian women had no dress to choose from the Vedic Times. At the same time, this statement will also India's security issues once again to the public opinion of the outlet. CNN said that we had to ask again whether India had made enough efforts to protect the safety of women? Has the Indian government tried to combat criminal behavior against women? Previously, India had a series of sexual harassment incidents against foreign female tourists, seriously undermining India's reputation. Although the Indian government has amended the law to expand the definition of rape to try to prevent sexual harassment, but such incidents continue to occur. In fact, India's ability to deal with other criminal acts is not only in dealing with sexual harassment. Such as the lack of forensic laboratories, police, lawyers and the number of judges can not meet the demand.

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