The Guatemalan presidential election voted to open the candidate for the comedy

But because the first round of the presidential election vote no candidates have more than 50%
According to the "China Wide News Network" reported that the second round of the Guatemalan presidential election poll results announced, TV comedian origin of Morales to close to 70% of the vote, beat the first lady Reese was elected. "Guatemala has a very serious problem, but she respects the people's choices." The report says that the turnout is estimated at only 50% of the way, well below 71% of the first round. The analysis argues that this is because many voters think they have gone through the first round of voting to reach the target of eliminating the corruption group, and the second round does not vote, no longer important. On September 6 this year, Guatemala held presidential and parliamentary elections, but since the first round of the presidential election did not vote for more than 50% of the votes, in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law, the two candidates before the vote into the second round. The presidential election ahead of schedule, former President Molina was forced to retire because of corruption.

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